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Deconfliction Resources


The resources below provide information regarding event deconfliction and tools to assist agencies when establishing event deconfliction into their operations.

  • Partner Deconfliction Interface (PDI)-related Metrics—The partners track and report statistics related to the PDI, including the number of events entered into the systems and the number of identified conflicts among the three systems using the PDI. This information is updated quarterly.
  • CALEA Standard for Event Deconfliction—Provides information regarding the CALEA Standard 46.2.8, Event Deconfliction Systems, and includes commentary regarding the use of and participation in event deconfliction.
  • Model Event Deconfliction Policy—A policy template available for use internally by law enforcement agencies to establish an event deconfliction policy. The template can be tailored to meet individual agency needs.
  • Sample Agency Resolution on Event Deconfliction—A resolution template for use by law enforcement agencies, associations, and other appropriate partners that recognizes and submits that event deconfliction is a necessary component for ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers and citizens.
  • Event Deconfliction Frequently Asked Questions—Provides answers and information about the event deconfliction integration project and process, the partnership effort, conflict notification, and other related topics.
  • A Call to Action—A document that focuses on how important it is for all law enforcement agencies and personnel to participate in event deconfliction and the interconnectivity of the three nationally recognized event deconfliction systems.

Target (Subject) Deconfliction

In addition to event deconfliction, work is underway among the partners to build upon and expand the sharing of target (subject) information. Currently, multiple systems utilize the National Virtual Pointer System to share information.

  • National Virtual Pointer System (NVPS)—A target/subject deconfliction system that automates federated inquiries from one participating system to another when data is entered into one of the participating systems and the appropriate criteria are met.
Date Created: June 10, 2021