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Human Trafficking / Smuggling / Immigration


This section includes resources in the areas of human trafficking, human smuggling, and immigration.

Freedom Network (USA)
The Freedom Network (USA) ensures that trafficked persons are treated as victims and are able to have full access to justice, including the right to full compensation and restitution from the traffickers, and are provided with access to appropriate victim-centered social, mental health, medical, legal, educational, vocational, and other services. The Freedom Network also increases public awareness of the crime of trafficking through education, research, training, and community outreach; organizes for the purpose of preventing trafficking; and supports the rights of trafficked persons. The Freedom Network engages in advocacy on behalf of trafficked persons and for full prosecution of all traffickers, including corporations and their subcontractors, and develops local and national networks in the United States to link with international networks in order to carry out these above activities.

Date Created: June 9, 2021