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Fusion Centers—Bringing Organization to the Chaos


“Fusion Centers: Bringing Organization to the Chaos” is the first in a series of videos to be developed by the Florida Fusion Center, highlighting the numerous functions and successes of fusion centers across the nation.

9/11 exposed a need for partnerships and an established flow of secure information in the world of intelligence. This video describes how fusion centers met that need and the role they play in responding to mass casualty incidents, assisting first responders, assessing the size and scope of the incident, and sharing information with key stakeholders. The video also highlights the organized approach fusion centers bring to incidents or unplanned events through established resources and trusted partnerships between fusion centers and their state, local and federal partners.

This video is intended for use by fusion centers and partners throughout the Network and may be downloaded for use in presentations or for other fusion center purposes.

Date Created: June 16, 2021